$13,000 Guaranteed Event

If you’re looking for Big Bingo Fun, CyberBingo won’t be beaten and this weekend you could be CyberBingo’s next big winner as it plays for an incredible $13,000 in guaranteed cash prizes. CyberBingo’s amazing $13,000 Guaranteed event is the biggest bingo event of the month and plays in the CyberBingo Tourney bingo room on Saturday August 27th.

The incredible bingo fun and excitement starts at 8pm EDT in the CyberBingo Tourney Bingo room with a fantastic $3,000 in cash prizes to be won in three (3) Top of the Hour $1,000 guaranteed games. These exciting bingo games are just a taster of things to come as CyberBingo players look forward to the Big Bingo Game at 11pm EDT where players will play for a guaranteed cash prize of $10,000!

You’ve got to be in it to win it! – Make sure to pre order your cards for the CyberBingo $13,000 Guaranteed event today!

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Saving the planet and making our home a better place

Today is Earth Day and it may well be a chance for you to make a difference in the world as you play our Save the Planet Multi-Part Bingo games, with each game playing for $185.00 in guaranteed cash prizes.

Bringing you four hours of incredible bingo fun, here’s your chance to reduce, reuse and recycle all the wastes away and enjoy the good fun in the spring bingo room from 5pm EDT.Save-the-Planet-Multi-Part-Bingo-700x700

Here’s a little bit of extra things you can think about on this day in case you’re wondering.

Earth Day is observed every year in April, and with another earth day occasion coming up, you might be asking yourselves what the big deal around this day really is.  The real question is why should we really care about it?

Well, it’s simple. For one day only, we get the opportunity to dedicate some time to something which is crucial to our existence; the planet and the environment we live in.  For many, the idea of preserving and living with the environment evokes images of people who choose to live without means we are used to in the modern days and instead choose a lifestyle with no utilities.

Truth be told, if we decide to keep in mind all the extraordinary resources our earth provides us with, then we really wouldn’t need to store such negative portrayals of the environment we live in.

So why does Earth Day matter to us all?  It matters because we happen to live on this one great planet called Earth and should we decide not to take care of it too much, we may be running the risk of using it all up.

Imagine the difference in the world if each and every one of us just made a little commitment to at least one positive change in our daily lifestyle and change to a habit which is more Earth friendly and sustainable.  What a difference that would be!

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Celebrating Patriot’s Day

Patriot’s Day commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were fought near Boston in 1775.  Patriot’s Day is annually remembered on the third Monday of April.

For many people in the states, the third Monday of April is a day off work or school as it is considered to be quite an important day on the calendar.  Such is the significance of this day, a wide variety of events take place with running marathons among others.

As Massachusetts celebrates Patriots’ Day, Cyberbingo is inviting all players to the USA bingo room for cash prizes of up to $12,000 playing three top of the hour $4,000 minimum $4,000 coverall games.aff-patriots-day-700x700

Starting at 7 pm EDT on Monday April 18th, there’s no better place to celebrate Patriots Day than our USA bingo room.

Boost your chance to win

Cards for our $4,000 minimum $400 Patriots Day coverall games are $1.00 each and with the fantastic Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards on offer; your chances to be a winner on Patriot’s Day are looking even greater.

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The New Face of Bingo

If you still carry the idea of bingo involving a bunch of ageing people gathered around a large hall trying their luck in a game or two and desperately hoping to win, then you really need to start living in 2016.

Such is the popularity of bingo nowadays that even televisions are broadcasting a large variety of shows based on giving a glimpse of bingo around the world.  That’s some great image booster strategy right?

This strategy has well been acknowledged by the bingo public and this can further be evidenced by a recent study which shows that at least three out of five pensioners from the United Kingdom purchase tickets for bingo TV shows.


Prizes in bingo are not solely comprised of just cash prizes anymore.  Tangible fantastic cash prizes are now included, and in some countries even block apartments can be offered.  Outrageous!  With the stakes now being so high, everyone has a chance to win something.  Additional prizes are also available and can be just as amazing as they can include unreal holidays in beautiful places all around the world in countries like the United States, Dubai or Asia.

Bingo is alive and kicking.  One can find at least one bingo room in a city and its’ traditional audience is still very much alive.  Yes the industry has been changing in the modern era, but these changes all point to progress and advancement.  Fortunately enough; given the huge developments and innovations within societies mostly due to the technological impact, bingo has managed to adopt in the most fashionable manner and continue to distinguish itself as a brilliant, fun and social game where a winner is always guaranteed!

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April 11th – Today is Pet day!

April 11th – A day where all pet lovers unite for Pet Day!  Whether you already have a special pet in your life or have been waiting for the right time to add a four legged companion to the household, this day is all about all those lovable pets of the world!

Sharing our lives, opening our hearts to genuine unconditional love is the basis of what to expect when surrounding ourselves by such loving pets.  They are the best friends that we can ever have and they are always happy to see us.  But the most amazing thing about owning a pet is the fact that they are always able to feel our very own feelings.  And that is quite amazing.

Pets give so much in terms of love and emotional that one really has to experience it to really understanding such a strong and powerful feeling.  Feelings are reciprocated which in turn create a long lasting bond between the pet and ownerpetday1

Pet Day is therefore a chance not to start loving our pets, but to dedicate a day and strengthen our relationship with them and show how much we value their presence in our lives.  Alternatively you can also look to make a difference by volunteering in raising more awareness for providing more care and shelter to these abandoned animals.

And if you don’t already own a pet, what better time to adopt one?

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Sisters finally reunited through Online Bingo!

Online bingo is renowned for drawing millions and millions of people like you together to enjoy an exceptionally great time playing your favorite bingo.  Yes, you may interact with the majority of your cyber roomies on a regular basis, but in truth how well do you think you know your Cyberbingo friends?

Sisters, separated for almost 60 years finally hit the biggest jackpot of their lives after discovering they had been bingo buddies for more than nine years.

The older sister Elaine who lives in Teesside, United Kingdom finally ended her pursuit of her long lost sister that she had been desperately searching for the last thirty years.  Quite astonishingly it turns out the two sisters had been communicating with each other through online bingo everyday for the last nine years and had been unaware that they could possibly be related.

However it is the huge difficulties faced of finding each other which makes this story so fascinating.  Elaine first learned she had a sister called Jackie when she was 25, and there was no mention of a possible sibling before then.  Upon discovering that she did actually have another sister, Elaine started tracking her younger sister but with little success.

Discovering that they had been in contact for all these years under their aliases was a huge surprise for the sisters, they had even been referred to as ‘Best bingo buddies’.  The two sisters had grown up hundreds of miles apart, unknowingly aware of each others’ true identities, only their aliases of‘Dukie11’ and ‘Whisky666’ on a bingo site they have been actively part of for the last decade.

Since their initial meeting which took place earlier last month, the two sisters have since kept in touch on the phone every week and are planning to meet again very soon.

We simply cannot ignore such a moving story and how much bingo seems to bring more and more people together and this is something we are very fond of at Cyberbingo.

With this in mind we hope to continue to grow and cherish more of these great bingo moments together while always keeping in mind that you never know who your bingo friends may be! 🙂

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Your chance to win fantastic weekly treats in April

With the arrival of spring we celebrate renewed life and appreciation of Mother nature.  As the snow and cold temperatures trade places with sunshine and relative warm weather, you can now get to do activities which you probably couldn’t’ during the cold winter months.

We all love some colorful flowers blossoming around us and throughout the month of April our Cyberbingo flowers could see you winning for free in our Exclusive April Weekly Raffle Treat.april-weekly-raffle-fb

Each week in April we have a unique flower code to redeem that will automatically enter you into our weekly raffle draw for a chance to win some exciting prizes which will be awarded to 3 selected winners EACH week.

How to Participate?

For your chance to be a winner in April, all you need to do is to enter the relevant code each week which can be found under your account on our main website.

For more information go on how to redeem your weekly codes you can visit; http://www.cyberbingo.com/promotions/april-weekly-bingo-raffle.html

Good Luck and Happy Raffling!

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Spin your way towards fantastic prizes this month!

For the first three weeks of the month between April 4th and April 24th our Cyberbingo players will have an opportunity to spin and win for a share of $3,000 in fabulous prizes on our Spring Slots tourney.

The top 20 players in the tourney will be rewarded with cash prizes together with a fantastic $1,000 cash for the tourney winner.  All you have to do is spin and win on any or all of our selected slots and claim the first prize!spring-slots-tourney-700x700

The Spring Slots Tourney plays from Monday, April 4th at 12.01 pm EDT and runs till Sunday, April 24th at 11.59 pm EDT so make sure to start spinning to claim our first prize!

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A chance to Win a Fantastic Cruise Holiday

With Summer now increasingly on the horizons, it seems like a particularly good time to review your holiday options don’t’ you think?  Oh wait.  It seems Cyberbingo has already taken care of all that.

That’s right.  When you fund your account between April 1st and June 20th, you bingo roomies will be rewarded with free tickets to win our Summer Cruise Giveaway – one of the biggest giveaways ever offered.

The option of going on a holiday cruise has become so much popular among travelers looking for some much needed relaxation time.  This is partly because a cruise vacation offers many benefits to the traveler with a variety of options all in one location.  This is why the cruise we have on offer for you is so much appealing.

So what’s included?


Let’s be honest.  There’s nothing better than staying in the same room for the whole trip and always finding your room neat and tidy after breakfast.  This what you’ll be getting in an Outside Stateroom for 2, convenience, and luxury plus a staff that’s always ready to assist you throughout your time on the ship.aff-summer-cruise-giveaway-FB


Entertainment is basically one of the things you are always guaranteed to have when opting to go off on a cruise, so no worries there.  With some stunning views to dazzle you on board, you can also expect to see some of the world’s best show performers from Royal Caribbean Productions.

Great food and Royale dining:

There are a lot of things to point out about shipboard dining, and having breakfast in bed is one thing you should definitely try out.  Room service in general on cruise ships is great, so why not take advantage?

Food on a cruise is all about the dining experience, so make sure to go with a very healthy appetite when making reservations for a special dining to specialty restaurants.

On board activities:

You will mostly remember a cruise for the activities you get to experience while on board at sea.  Going for a massage, a day at the pool, rock climbing; you can do all these activities in your own time with everything included.

Keeping Fit:

Do work out every day if you can.  Won’t be easy, but at least try.  The gyms on cruise ships have the best workout equipment and this cruise is no different with sophisticated state of the art equipment to all the latest fitness classes accompanied with the best possible view.

This not to miss Summer Cruise Giveaway is available for 2 people with regular boarding fair tickets.  Air Fare to Florida is included in the prize.  Alcoholic drinks are subject to change including cruise dates due to cruise availability


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Easter Eggs, Easter Bunnies and Traditions

As we begin the week, the last few days leading to Easter, we try to remember what Easter is all about in the different countries around the world along with customs that people normally practice in regard to this special festivity.  Traditionally Easter is widely regarded as a religious  holiday which commemorates love, sacrifice and the beginning of a new life.

Such is the popularity of Chocolate and Easter eggs during this holiday that the confectionery industries seem to come up with all kinds of different chocolate eggs every year.  And who can blame anyone for this love for chocolate eggs filled with bonbons?  The little things in life 🙂

While we agree about the deliciousness of these little things, it is also important to remember that Easter eggs carry a very old tradition symbolizing spring and a new life.  In fact they are a popular custom in many countries not just in the US; with many different games associated with egg hunts taking place during this time.easterbunny

Nowadays people give each other delicious Chocolate Easter eggs to indulge in, and children look for their Easter eggs around their homes or garden, left for them by the Easter bunny.

It could be however that the inclusion of children in the origin of the fun side of Easter can be widely accredited to the complex and different issues surrounding the real meaning of Easter, which is the life and death of Jesus Christ.  So because of this, we tend to divert to the more light hearted and eye catching symbols of eggs and rabbits which have therefore resulted in the traditional joy-filled egg hunts we are now accustomed to.

We hope our Cyberbingo followers have found this short read interesting enough.  Just a little reminder our next blog edition will focus on our upcoming ‘Easter Eggstravaganza‘ for more fantastic chances to win amazing bingo prizes this Easter.

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