Play bingo and pass the new year

The new year is again just waiting outside our doors, to enter and to take us into the new 2013. Everybody knows that the New Year’s Celebration is a special occasion when everybody must be with somebody, in order to better spend this holiday in the best way possible. What we propose for the new 2013 is to play bingo that night. Here are the reasons for it.

play bingo

play bingo

For starters, you are not supposed to play the game by yourself, alone at home. On the contrary, gather as many people as you can at your home, and create the most original and fun game of bingo, inspired by your life and the bingo online games. It would be better to include your friends as well, not only as the players, but to put their story as symbols for the game as well.

If you are wondering how can you do that, read carefully the following. You will need big and small pieces of paper. If you can have them as colorful as the bingo online sheets it would be perfect. Maybe a subtle touch with the 2013 written in the corners would have a special effect. Once you have the sheets, prepare the symbols.

As said above, try to make them all about yourself and your friends. Is any of your friends married and it happened in 2012? Put it on the list! Has any of your girlfriends remain pregnant in 2012? Have it on the list! Did you lose 10 pounds in the last three months? On the sheet it is! If you can make the symbols as funny as possible, would be great for everybody, but try to maintain the 2012 theme.

Do not forget there are many other things to keep in mind once you decide to play bingo for the new year celebration. There are bonuses in a game of bingo, and you should use them. For example, if one of your friends gets a 2013 symbol in the middle of the sheet, maybe he or she should receive a prise. The ideas for the prises are all yours! You can also make new rules for the game because the rules will not have to be only those used for online bingo.

Just imagine how much fun would it be to have a beer with your friends (or wine, whatever they want and deserve), while enjoying a good game of bingo, having fun, laughing, waiting for the countdown to the new year.

If your friends and family will appreciate it as they should, maybe this could become an annual celebration through bingo. You will be known as the person who first started this custom, and when the 2050 year will knock-knock on the door, your game will be able to answer.

To play bingo is an amazing thing to do, whenever and with whomsoever, but the people must first want to have fun, otherwise they will ruin the fun for everybody else. Try to ask your friends before arranging this celebration for the new year, so you will not end up with an unsuccessful party. If you know them well enough, then you can make it as a surprise. Imagine their happy faces when they will see the night is still young and the fun is just beginning to make an appearance.

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Gary Beal

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