4th of July $4,000 Guaranteed

It’s time to celebrate American Independence Day on the 4th of July, a day that represents the Declaration of Independence and the birth of the United States of America as an independent nation. This day in history was not always a national holiday and for the first 15 – 20 years after the Declaration was written, it was not celebrated very much, so far as to say that John Adams complained in a letter that America seemed uninterested in its history. As the years went by, the celebrations of the Fourth of July became more common and in 1870, almost 100 years since the Declaration was written, Congress first declared July 4th to be a national holiday
4th-july-700x700-2The 4th of July celebrations kick off at CyberBingo with an incredible $4,000 in guaranteed cash prizes to be won in its 4th of July $4,000 Guaranteed Event. The Independence Day fun starts at 8pm EDT on July 4th in CyberBingo’s USA Bingo room as it plays four (4) Top of the Hour $1,000 Guaranteed games. To make the celebrations even better, CyberBingo is offering players an incredible Buy 3 Get 2 Free offer on all cards for its 4th of July $4,000 Guaranteed Event.

That’s even more chances to be a winner of $1,000 cash in every game!

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Father’s Day Bingo Fun and Excitement

Father’s Day on Sunday July 19th is a celebration honoring fathers and celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society. Many countries celebrate it on the third Sunday of June, though it is also celebrated widely on other days by many other countries. Father’s Day was inaugurated in the early 20th century to complement Mother’s Day in celebrating fathers and male parenting. No matter how you choose to celebrate Father’s Day, it’s all about great family time and the appreciation of what fathers have done for you throughout your life.
52836_thumb_fathers-day-700x700-fbMake Father’s Day extra special this year at CyberBingo and play for up to $12,000 cash in CyberBingo’s Father’s Day $12,000 Coveralls Bingo event. Playing the CyberBingo USA Bingo room from 7pm EDT on Sunday June 19th there are three fabulous top of the hour $4,000 Coverall minimum $400 games to be won. With a Father’s Day special Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards, that’s more chances to be a winner on Father’s Day at CyberBingo!

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Delicious Candy Bingo Treats

Delicious candy is not just for children, adults also indulge in sugary treats that stimulate the taste buds and bring back memories of a long forgotten childhood. Candy has an almost therapeutic effect, whisking us away to a more carefree time when life was simple and we had no worries.
Candy may have moved on a long way since our childhoods but the concept remains the same, a sweet taste that is seen as a special treat, something to look forward to. There may be 1000’s of variations on the market for people to enjoy but the age old favorites still remain, although they may have been re marketed with different wrappers and maybe even a name change, the combination of sugar and flavorings remain almost the same. Some say that Candy is not good for us, but since the first men retrieved honey straight from wild bee hives, the sweet taste has always given people a feeling of wellbeing, a reward that is a break from their regular diet.

52977_thumb_aff-candy-bingo-tourney-700x700Enjoy all the candy you could dream of at CyberBingo between June 6th and July 3rd in its delicious Candy bingo Tourney. There’s a massive $3,000 in prizes to be won in this fun filled bingo tourney and a delicious $1,000 cash prize for the Tourney winner. Join in the Bingo fun in the CyberBingo Spring Bingo room and every hour it will play a special Candy Bingo Tourney game. The more of these special games that you win, the higher you climb up the tourney leader board to become the tourney winner.

With prizes for the top 20 players, enjoy tasty bingo treats this month at Cyberbingo.

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Mini Games Tourney

We all love something a little different, something more than just our normal everyday expectations. A new recipe for a favorite food, a new hair style, a different restaurant or a new look. These inspirations make us feel alive, open to change. This does not mean that what went before was wrong, just that it is human nature to want to try new and exciting things. The perfect balance is when you can blend the new with the old, a new top with your favorite jeans, your favorite food cooked in a new sauce, silly little things that enhance what you already have. 51972_thumb_mini-games-700x700At CyberBingo you can have the best of both worlds, not only does CyberBingo offer the best selection of online bingo fun and excitement and incredible cash prizes to be won, it also offers one of the largest selections of casino games and mini games for players to enjoy. Best of all are CyberBingo’s mini games , these great mini slots and casino games allow you to play your favorite bingo games and spin to win on the mini games at the same time. That double the fun! This month between Monday May 2nd and Sunday May 29th you can win up to $1,000 cash in CyberBingo’s Mini Games Tourney. Play any or all of CyberBingo’s great mini games for more chance to be a winner in May as it awards $3,000 in guaranteed prizes. The more you win, the higher you climb up the tourney leader board and the first prize of $1,000 cash. Enjoy the best of both worlds at CyberBingo this month with incredible bingo and exciting mini games at the same time!

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Spring Bingo Sale

We all love to find a bargain in the sales, whether it’s clothes, household appliances or maybe a great price on designer goods, we all want to get them for less money. Most often we can see the true savings, 10%, 20% or maybe as much as 50% off, whatever the saving we have an uncontrollable desire to get the best deal possible. Human nature it may be, but how many times do we get home and think “why did I buy that?”. It’s amazing how we can be convinced to part with our money to purchase items that in reality we just did not need. “But it was a great deal” we tell ourselves, “a massive saving”, only to realize that this great purchase will end up in the wardrobe, on a shelf or forgotten in the attic.

When it comes to great sales you need to look and see that you are getting what you want and for a far better price than normal.

At CyberBingo we have the perfect example of a great sale that offers you more of the bingo you love for less. That’s the same great cash prizes every game, with a much lower card cost in our Spring Bingo Sale on Friday May 13th.


Join your CyberBingo roomies for incredible low cost bingo fun in the Spring bingo room from 9pm EDT as we keep the great cash prizes high and lower the card costs in our incredible Spring Bingo Sale. With an additional Buy 8 Get 4 Free offer on all cards, this CyberBingo sale guarantees you more for less!

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Mother’s Day Bingo

The second Sunday in May means Mother’s Day, a day of recognition for mothers around the world and the important role that they play within our lives. Established in the early 1900’s, the Mother’s Day tradition was started to celebrate motherhood and maternal bonds, along with the positive contributions that they make to society every day. The traditions of Mother’s Day include churchgoing, family dinners and most importantly the expression of how much we love our Moms. Mother’s Day may seem to have become commercialized in the recent past with over 50% of the US population sending Mother’s Day cards, but the importance of telling Mom that you love her is what really matters.
51974_thumb_mothers-day-bingo-700x700Join us at CyberBingo on Mother’s Day, May 8th as we celebrate with an incredible mix of everyone’s favorite bingo games. The fun starts at 5pm EDT in the Spring bingo room as we play the following Mother’s Day bingo games in rotation, starting $100 games, High or Low $200 / $100 games and Guaranteed $300 Mother’s Day Bingo games. There’s four hours filled with Mother’s Day bingo fun and excitement and we have an extra special Mother’s Day gift for all our players, Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all Mother’s Day bingo games!

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Saving the planet and making our home a better place

Today is Earth Day and it may well be a chance for you to make a difference in the world as you play our Save the Planet Multi-Part Bingo games, with each game playing for $185.00 in guaranteed cash prizes.

Bringing you four hours of incredible bingo fun, here’s your chance to reduce, reuse and recycle all the wastes away and enjoy the good fun in the spring bingo room from 5pm EDT.Save-the-Planet-Multi-Part-Bingo-700x700

Here’s a little bit of extra things you can think about on this day in case you’re wondering.

Earth Day is observed every year in April, and with another earth day occasion coming up, you might be asking yourselves what the big deal around this day really is.  The real question is why should we really care about it?

Well, it’s simple. For one day only, we get the opportunity to dedicate some time to something which is crucial to our existence; the planet and the environment we live in.  For many, the idea of preserving and living with the environment evokes images of people who choose to live without means we are used to in the modern days and instead choose a lifestyle with no utilities.

Truth be told, if we decide to keep in mind all the extraordinary resources our earth provides us with, then we really wouldn’t need to store such negative portrayals of the environment we live in.

So why does Earth Day matter to us all?  It matters because we happen to live on this one great planet called Earth and should we decide not to take care of it too much, we may be running the risk of using it all up.

Imagine the difference in the world if each and every one of us just made a little commitment to at least one positive change in our daily lifestyle and change to a habit which is more Earth friendly and sustainable.  What a difference that would be!

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Celebrating Patriot’s Day

Patriot’s Day commemorates the battles of Lexington and Concord, which were fought near Boston in 1775.  Patriot’s Day is annually remembered on the third Monday of April.

For many people in the states, the third Monday of April is a day off work or school as it is considered to be quite an important day on the calendar.  Such is the significance of this day, a wide variety of events take place with running marathons among others.

As Massachusetts celebrates Patriots’ Day, Cyberbingo is inviting all players to the USA bingo room for cash prizes of up to $12,000 playing three top of the hour $4,000 minimum $4,000 coverall games.aff-patriots-day-700x700

Starting at 7 pm EDT on Monday April 18th, there’s no better place to celebrate Patriots Day than our USA bingo room.

Boost your chance to win

Cards for our $4,000 minimum $400 Patriots Day coverall games are $1.00 each and with the fantastic Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards on offer; your chances to be a winner on Patriot’s Day are looking even greater.

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The New Face of Bingo

If you still carry the idea of bingo involving a bunch of ageing people gathered around a large hall trying their luck in a game or two and desperately hoping to win, then you really need to start living in 2016.

Such is the popularity of bingo nowadays that even televisions are broadcasting a large variety of shows based on giving a glimpse of bingo around the world.  That’s some great image booster strategy right?

This strategy has well been acknowledged by the bingo public and this can further be evidenced by a recent study which shows that at least three out of five pensioners from the United Kingdom purchase tickets for bingo TV shows.


Prizes in bingo are not solely comprised of just cash prizes anymore.  Tangible fantastic cash prizes are now included, and in some countries even block apartments can be offered.  Outrageous!  With the stakes now being so high, everyone has a chance to win something.  Additional prizes are also available and can be just as amazing as they can include unreal holidays in beautiful places all around the world in countries like the United States, Dubai or Asia.

Bingo is alive and kicking.  One can find at least one bingo room in a city and its’ traditional audience is still very much alive.  Yes the industry has been changing in the modern era, but these changes all point to progress and advancement.  Fortunately enough; given the huge developments and innovations within societies mostly due to the technological impact, bingo has managed to adopt in the most fashionable manner and continue to distinguish itself as a brilliant, fun and social game where a winner is always guaranteed!

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April 11th – Today is Pet day!

April 11th – A day where all pet lovers unite for Pet Day!  Whether you already have a special pet in your life or have been waiting for the right time to add a four legged companion to the household, this day is all about all those lovable pets of the world!

Sharing our lives, opening our hearts to genuine unconditional love is the basis of what to expect when surrounding ourselves by such loving pets.  They are the best friends that we can ever have and they are always happy to see us.  But the most amazing thing about owning a pet is the fact that they are always able to feel our very own feelings.  And that is quite amazing.

Pets give so much in terms of love and emotional that one really has to experience it to really understanding such a strong and powerful feeling.  Feelings are reciprocated which in turn create a long lasting bond between the pet and ownerpetday1

Pet Day is therefore a chance not to start loving our pets, but to dedicate a day and strengthen our relationship with them and show how much we value their presence in our lives.  Alternatively you can also look to make a difference by volunteering in raising more awareness for providing more care and shelter to these abandoned animals.

And if you don’t already own a pet, what better time to adopt one?

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