Game of Bingo as a Luck and Skill or… Gambling?

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In any game, luck and skill always comes together. However, many people believe that game of bingo is an exemption because it only requires pure luck and nothing else. Even skills won’t work. But don’t you know that it’s just a mistaken belief?

game of bingo

game of bingo

Luck do play a role when a player’s numbers are called and a player claims winning a one line, two line, Full House or even 75 ball bingo pattern that fills the whole card.

Without a doubt, bingo is almost a game of odds. But you should know that you can also work against the odds. It’s not at all a good idea to enter a bingo room with no clear direction to look forward to. The secret to beat the odds and the other players inside the bingo room is to use that competitive edge over them.

A smart player knows how to plan a certain strategy. For instance, he might be going to take advantage of a BOGOF offer or avail a ‘Buy One, Get Three Cards’ or more. In doing so, chances of winning increase because more numbers are in your hands. 1TG / 2TG bingo is also an advantage because it allows each player to get a piece of a bingo pie. Fixed or Odd Bingo games, on the other hand provide every player fair advantages and a playing field where everybody possess the same amount of cards. Chat Games are also considered worthy because everyone can play freely. Chat Games also offer great rewards like bingo bucks.

An important factor to also consider in a bingo game is the room size. The more the players in a bingo room, the higher are the chances of odds to take. Unlike a smaller room, you have better chances to declare a bingo.

While you are aiming for a win, try to avail special promotions that offer slashed prices or Penny Bingo that do not break your budget. Staying within your budget and sticking to it is a key to get an edge over everyone.

In a bingo world, the winning chances are not that bad. It’s just the way you play wise by looking at the best promotions and best bingo rooms. Now here’s the fact. An occasional player who only plays bingo once in a blue moon has greater chances to win. With little luck and excellent skills, the odds will certainly be in your favour.

People who engage in bingo games are considered as gamblers. But as a regular bingo player, I don’t quite agree with that. If you had tried an online bingo, you will find out that there’s more to it compared to other online gambling. I have done some researches and here’s what I found:

Bingo is a true passion which can be developed at an early age when it’s mostly used as an educational tool (as we could see in one of our previous bingo articles). In a bingo, there are polls that show that winning occupies only the fifth place on the list of motives for joining bingo sites. The joy of socialization always comes first, which is probably the most important aspect of it.

In addition, bingo is not an unimaginative number game. Carl Leffler, who made over 6,000 bingo combinations, had become insane after making those combinations.

Furthermore, bingo should not be played in a form of a typical gambling game. One of the sensible purposes of playing a bingo is for churches to raise funds, for teaching purposes, for the sake of family entertainment and for brain enhancement.

So, it is fair enough to say that to the bingo fans all over the world, remember, bingo is the way of life and not a form of a gambling spree.

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