Check out your Star sign at CyberBingo in January

Astrology has had its place in human history as early as 25000 years ago, humans trying to find meaning in the skies and the movement of the astral bodies. With the birth of agricultural, new needs were met by increasing knowledge of constellations, whose appearances in the night-time sky change with the seasons, allowing the rising of star-groups to herald annual floods or seasonal activities.
Modern day astrology is seen more as an entertainment, a form of fortune telling that has little significance to its early day purpose and the importance that it played within early civilizations. However, we all like to believe that our star signs can foretell elements of our future and this belief is what keeps astrology alive today.

stargazers-bingo-tourney-790x245Start the new year with fantastic bingo fun as you look to the stars to discover if you will be one of 10 winners to share a fabulous $2,850 of prizes in CyberBingo’s exciting Stargazer’s Bingo Tourney. It does not matter if your star sign is Aries, Libra or Sagittarius, every star sign can be a winner when you play CyberBingo’s fun filled Stargazer’s bingo tourney.

The Stargazer’s Bingo Tourney plays from January 1st until January 31st in the New Year’s Bingo room and guarantees a fabulous $1,000 cash prize for the tourney winner. Each hour of every day throughout the month CyberBingo will play one of its special Stargazer bingo games. Playing on one of the 12 zodiac bingo patterns, these fun bingo games have a card cost of only $0.50 each and every time you win, you will automatically receive one tourney point which will be added to your tourney ranking. The more of these stargazer bingo games that you win, the higher you will climb up the tourney leader board towards $1,000 cash as CyberBingo’s Stargazer’s Bingo tourney winner.

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