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Great site for online bingo

The number of players playing online bingo in the UK has reached a staggering figure of more than 3 million who play this game every day. Most of them have become lifelong dedicated players as they find this game one of the most engaging of online games. The most significant thing about these players is that they come from all age groups and backgrounds where the average age of 90 per cent of the players is below 50. This puts to rest the myth that bingo is a game for old and retired men and women only.



The popularity of the game of bingo as a pastime has reached great heights in UK and the age of the players who are mostly playing this game of online bingo nowadays varies from 20 to 25 only. The age of about 35 per cent of those who play the game of bingo is less than 35. As more and more young people are getting attracted to the game and a large number of these players are winning money every day, it is becoming much easier to promote the game among this new generation of players.

The game has become so popular in UK that it was found that in 2004 only, larger numbers of people were more interested in playing bingo than attending the football matches which had been momentous affairs to the British public life till now. To cater to this huge crowd of bingo players there have sprung up 699 bingo halls in Great Britain all of which are licensed to hold the game.

On each day throughout the year, except on day of Christmas, more than 500 bingo halls together hold a nationwide game. This nationwide game was started in 1986 and has been held ever since it was first started. The money offered as a prize in this national game is an incredible 725,179,338 British Pounds as of today.

The boom in the bingo industry has affected many eminent persons like Robbie Williams, Elle Macpherson, Bianca, Denise Outen, Damon Hill and others besides the general British public who continually heap their praises on the game of bingo played in both the land based bingo halls and the online sites.

Though it feels great to go home with some money in your pocket won in a bingo game, people play bingo for some other reasons also. It has been proved that the women players feel very happy among all the other players when they play this game. Almost 15 per cent of women players claim that they do not play bingo for financial gain but to get to know new people, chat with the friends they have already made and to generally mix with other players.

The bingo games held in the bingo halls are very fast paced in UK where an average caller can call out almost 23 numbers in a minute. In a 90-ball bingo game the caller takes only a few minutes to call out all the 90 numbers. The speed at which the game is played throws up a winner very frequently and it has been found out that almost 95 percent of the players have won a bingo sometime or other. The percentage of the winners being so large, more and more players have started to play bingo in the hope of winning some money.

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Great site for online bingo
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