$13,000 Guaranteed Event

If you’re looking for Big Bingo Fun, CyberBingo won’t be beaten and this weekend you could be CyberBingo’s next big winner as it plays for an incredible $13,000 in guaranteed cash prizes. CyberBingo’s amazing $13,000 Guaranteed event is the biggest bingo event of the month and plays in the CyberBingo Tourney bingo room on Saturday August 27th.

The incredible bingo fun and excitement starts at 8pm EDT in the CyberBingo Tourney Bingo room with a fantastic $3,000 in cash prizes to be won in three (3) Top of the Hour $1,000 guaranteed games. These exciting bingo games are just a taster of things to come as CyberBingo players look forward to the Big Bingo Game at 11pm EDT where players will play for a guaranteed cash prize of $10,000!

You’ve got to be in it to win it! – Make sure to pre order your cards for the CyberBingo $13,000 Guaranteed event today!

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